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3.0 - CSS export/merging

Guest Wolfie

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Rather simple but could be very useful/effective.

More for CSS changes but could be used for the HTML too I guess...

Anything that is different from the *default* CSS, be it a color difference, table size, etc, have only the changes themselves be exported. Then those changes could be merged into an existing CSS skin to make those same changes only. Could be useful for changing only the color of a skin if all that is necessary is to import a stripped CSS that would simply update the colors but leave everything else alone. Or perhaps change text or table sizes, graphic references, etc.

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You mean like
color: #123456

Like that?

You already can. Go to advanced CSS, scroll to the bottom, add what you want, then the easy editor includes them automatically.

If not, then please explain what you mean because anything to make it easier both for skinners and not-even-good-enough-to-suck-at-it people like me would be nice.

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What I want is somthing that makes adding a new CSS class or 2 completly transparent for the end users. I imagine their are some different CSS classes for some modules, such as the blog. So the blog installer should just add the code into the IPB CSS for you. So in a mod installer, I would want somthing like this

$this->ipsclass->cssthingy(".fartbucket{color: #123456}");

Making the end process of adding the new CSS class completly transparent to the user. Nothing is more annoying than going through 10 or so skins if you add a mod that adds new classes. It could *even* look at other colours and styling in the default classes and adopt them for the new ones, so you don't have to skin your own board for the new mod...

Am I going crazy?

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$query = array(

'color' => '#123456',

'font-size' => '10',


$this->ipsclass->css->update( 'fartbucket', $query );

That might be better, because then it could do all the parsing.

Yeah that would be nice.

Now this has inspired me to write an API module... :devil:
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