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3.0 - Networked forums

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This would be like a two-way RSS setup (where both sides must be negotiated to each other to work).
External posts could show the boards logo or text to let readers know that it's an imported post into the topic, and clicking on the members name would open up their profile on the external forum. Each forum would have a [master/self/slave] setup. Master would be the root, slave would be an end forum, self would be an inbetween. In the long run, obviously after a couple of versions, the master could be in control over who gets to subscribe/merge posts in a specific forum.

The way it would work (or an idea to it) would be that a board would set up forums to be networked. Then, those wishing to join would create network accounts by (a) automatic acceptance, (b) pre-made passwords/sent out invites and/or © admin approvals. Then, each account would be given permissions for which forums they could network with (it would either be an all or nothing deal - if going to limit posting permissions, then it's the same as an RSS feed, just limiting who can get it). Then the subscribing board could choose which forums to join/network from that board.

The idea of a "self" setup would be that the master could send a network message to a subscribing board and tell that board to let another board network with it for certain forums. That would help a board with a popular network forum to spread out the load some. This feature would probably be better in a later version though, to give the idea time to kick off.

Obviously, the master board would be able to delete/hide/show a post/topic either only on their site or on all boards, but otherwise each board would only affect their site. Perhaps on a local end, an admin could remove a post/topic before it networks out if it was made on their site, like if the admin knows that it will cause problems, to delete it before any other sites get a copy of it.

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The network idea that I have would is a two-way concept.

Like say there are 3 sites.. Adam, Barry and Charlie.

Adam is hosting a forum called "Stinky farts"

Barry is subscribing to the forum (networking) from Adam.

Charlie wants to join (in order to join, Adam has to approve it)

Adam approves it and sets Charlie to link off of Barry.

Anything posted on Barry gets routed to Charlie and to Adam.

Likewise, anything posted on Charlie gets routed to Barry, which in turn gets routed to Adam. If Adam deletes a post on that forum, then it can either be a local delete or a network delete (although each board should have the option to treat network deletes as irreversible "hidden" status). That's only because it's hosted by the Adam forums, other boards deleting a post would only be deleting local posts.

Unlike RSS, it would be two way, show the original posters name with a link to their profile on the board they posted from and would require approval to be linked. (For example, a site couldn't just grab posts from the linked forums, it would have to have a networking account and approval to get the messages)

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