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I'm a user from an Invision board (here), and the board admin there told me that he didn't know of any way to set default "view topics from past xx days" settings. I had expected there to be an option within a user's preferences to set a default value (be it 30 days, 60 days, all, whatever), but this turns out not to be available.

However, poking around your boards here, I noticed that some forums default to 30 days (like all of the forums on the board I frequent), and at least one of them defaulted to "Show all." If there is a way to set different defaults for different forums, I would love to tell the board administrator since that would be a good quick fix.

I would really appreciate it if you considered adding a user option alongside number of posts in the user preferences to control their default "view topics from last xx days" option. Thanks!

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