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Tags putted automatically before writing

Guest Developer-tn

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Hello :)

I have a suggession..

Why do not add an option that let us define the police,type,color..of our posts.
I know you did not understant.

For exempal, i always write with "bold" and "red" color. This option put automatically those tags in the text_area where i will post a message.

Hope that you understant me

Good bye :)

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Yes, it's very important for peope who use different style of writing.

For exemple in my forum i write always with BOLD, so i'm obliged to write, select all, and click at BOLD button.

If this option will be able, when i click at ADDREPLY, i found tags of BOLD [B ] [ /B] putted automatically from the begining. :)

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I think that you did not understant my idea due to my bad english :P

- Option in Admin PC to allow user to set there default post style.
- If this option is avaible, user car from his settings, set the tags that he would like to see automatically putted when he will answer.
- If he set for exemple : [ B] [ /B], when he will reply to a post, he will find this tags automatically putted in the text area


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