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Missing "leave link" option in multi-topic move

Guest K. T. Walrus

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The multi-topic move form is missing the option to "leave links".

I suppose this is due to having to handle "links" to "links" if one of the topics that is selected to move is itself a link.

But, one can create a MM action that can move multiple topics leaving a link for each topic. Such a MM action doesn't do anything to handle moving a link, you just end up with a link to a link to a topic.

You should probably test if the topic you are moving is a link and if so, check that the real topic is not in the destination forum already or that there is not already a link to the real topic in the destination forum. If either is the case, the link that is being moved should simply be deleted. Any link left in the original source forum, should be created to the real forum that contains the topic and not the destination forum.

It would also be consistent if, for real topics that are being moved, you adjust any existing links' moved_to forum_ids to the new forum id for the real topic. That way, all links would be consistent and only point to the real topic in its real forum. This is probably over-kill but would allow you to find all links to a topic by using an exact match on the moved_to field instead of a LIKE match.

Of course, I'm not exactly sure why the moved_to field has the real topic's forum_id in it. It is true that the "act=ST" URLs require the forum_id in it to show a topic, but on my forum, I have banished "act=ST" URLs in favor of the simpler "showtopic" short form URLs. When showing a topic, you need to query for the topic record anyway and the forum_id is in this record, so having an "act=ST" URL with the forum_id in it means that the forum_id in the URL is really quite unnecessary to the operation.

Anyway, since MM allows you to select multiple topics and leave a link on the move, I suggest that selecting multiple topics and doing a "Move Topics" operation should also give the same option.

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