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Few more ideas

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I don't know how in the word, but I have WAY to many ideas in my head about features Brandon (IF) or Matt (IPB) could implemete into the system. :P ON TO THE REQUESTS i SAY :P

[*]1, IP (internet_protocol) "ban" (for ACP) - Does what it sounds like, it allows the ROOT admin to IP ban people from access of the ACP. Yes I know of what if there IP change to that of one of the one's you banned; could it possibly be (addded}made) where the forum checks the IP of the admin (if he's logged into the forum) and just "waviers" the IP ban (just for him) if his IP is in the range of the banned IP. [*]2. ROOT, no ban - (sorry if already added/comming). This would make it IMPOSSIBLE to delete member #1's accont (even by him)/more protection (like not being to be removed from ROOT group. [*]Mass attach - Ability for people to mass attach things to there posts [instead of one by one]).

[*]Arrange TMMs - Allows you arrange the TMM's in the ORDER you want.

[*]Profile "mod quere" - Just thought of this idea (11:27 AM). Would anyone want an option in user-profiles to "mod quere" them. It would be easier to manage then going into the ACP.Also maybe a log in the ACP of ALL mod quered users/forums.

[*]Groups can use TMM - Moderation option really. But this would allow the ADMIN (ROOT?) to choose what TMMs the "moderator" groups can use.

[*]Type of images stay as long as you want. Requested this at IF, they seemed to like but this would have the board "delete" certain types of images. Like GIF images stay only 4 days while JPEG stay like a fortnight (two weeks).

[*] 1. Send PM at (time) - This would send a PM to a person at a time you specify, it is optional. So say I wanted to send a PM to SSS 9/24/2005 at 6:46 AM (time zone you choose {I guess}) but you'll be on vaction the week of 9/20/2005 untill 10/2/05. i wont' have internet access. This would send a PM to him at the time/day you tell it to. [*]2. Send PM to group at - About the same as above, but the diffrence is it's groups instead of one member. So you could send a PM to all the members at 7:52 PM on 4/18/2005 and a(n) another batch to your (global) moderators like 3 hours after the members get their PM's. This would probley be convient to tell them in advance that the boards going offline like 18 hours after the global mods get their PM (yes going "bacK" to the turn board offline at ) [*]3. E-mail to " and " like the two above, it would most likely be the same, but instead of the PM system, it would be using e-mail.

[*]Timed based options: [*]Disable registration for x amount of days - Does exactly like it sounds like. You can disable making of accounts of the amount of days you want. Could be userful incase of a spammer and you have to disable registration. But then have to go on vaction and can't access a computer but want more accounts to be made. [*]Turn forum offline for x amount of mins, hours, days, or weeks - Does what it sounds like again. It turns the forum offline for x amount of time. (sorry if comming. I swere I saw this comming some where


[*]Disable new registrations by IP - Like the first suggestion in this thead. This would allow to be able to choose which IP's get accounts to the forum. [*]Disable 'Report this post to a moderator' link? by forum - This would allow you to disable the "report this post to a modertor link" appering in some forums and not all. [*]Report post to (group) - This would allow you to choose which groups get the "reported posts". [*]Board-offline by forum - This would allow you to disable only certain forums from view. The message would be the same at the message you'd put globaly. (global would still be an option) [*]Disable people from seeing changes - This would allow you to disable people to see skin changes, and or banner changes if the forum (global) or (one/more forums) are offline. [*]disallow topics but not polls - This would be like the disable poll in this forum? option except for topics. This would allow the forum to ONLY have polls posted instead of topics. [*]"mass" set moderators - This would allow you in ACP->Forum Control->moderators to be able to Mass set people/groups to more then one forum at a time (right now you have to click each forum you want them to "mod"). [*]"import" bad words - Do I need to explain this? This would allow admins to bad words into the ACP. [*]More limits to things: [*] A. better flood control - Yes I KNOW Flood control exists, I mean like forum by forum bais, (and maybe group by group/member) [*] B. PM flood control - This would 'control' the limit of PM's someone can send a day. Could also be group and member by G/M bais. [*] C. Post control - With this, people would be able to control how many posts groups, and members can post in x [*] D. Edit limt - This would control how many times a group, or member could edit their posts in a forum. Like some Spammer edit their 'against' the rules post so the admin can't "break" them (couldn't think of a better term) [*]Edited by logs - These would show who edited what post, in what topic, and what forum. You can disable it by forum, group, and (maybe) member bais. [*]Code logs - This would show what BB and HTMl tages have been used like

 [B] [I], [U]

(etc). [*]When a mod or admin queues a member they have the option to mod queue post OR topcis by (said) member.

2. Mods/admins can queue or dequeue without having to increase or decrease warn level. 3. Increase or decrease warn level by x amount.

Sorry for double/repeates. I also copied some requests from my topics at IF,dont' mind the things that dont' apply to IPB (I guess)
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One more suggestion to add to this. IM block. Like disableing PM or e-mails by groups. This would make it so people can't IM others. So on some forums where people take "pm advertising/advertising [in general] sersiouly they may want to make it so the member/group can question can't e-mail, pm, or IM their links to people.

for group that had "IM" blocked maybe in the profile they'd just see the No Information or a diffrent message. Maybe custimaizeable by group/member?

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