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A limited admin group that can add/remove members, won't that do what you want? :unsure:

I think what he wants is that someone could be a group leader but without being able to alter a persons account other than to be able to add/remove them from their group.

Could be useful for promoting someone to have moderator access in a specific forum, or for granting access to a certain forum.

Invision this: You have a catagory of forums where there are several different communities. Each community is lead by 1 person, and in order to be able to be a moderator, that 1 person would simply add that person (which would in fact add the member-group to their secondary groups listing). Use a second group or a permission mask to control who can see/read/reply/post in the forum. :)

I'm working on this as a IPB module. This feature may be included with 3.0.

As a module, so not php code changing? If so, I love it already!
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I hink you could give free access to the [b]Users and Groups[/b] section of ACP and (maybe) to the [b]Forum Control[/b] section.

So it wold be something like co-administrators. ;)

:ermm: Could you give me a hint how to let single members to only selected areas of the ACP?
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