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Hide the post counter

Guest ErynShore

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Some days ago I had to hide this counter cos in my forum a lot users have been doing a bad use of it writing as a chat. So I wanted to hide it and it has done result cos know those users that wanted to increase they post counter now or write much less or don't write jejeje

My suggest it that in the admin panel you add an option that says 'Hide post counter?' or 'hide post counter in X group member?' and then click 'yes' or 'no'.

For hiding it I have had to edit some htmls ind the skins sections and it is... tired or lious if the person that have to do it doest know how to do it.

That is my idea :thumbsup:

(my english isnt very good sorry :P )

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how about you create a general chat forum and then disable the post count for that forum! then your members can chat all they want and it wont effect anything! but why do you care? its no like your gonna get a prize for having a bigger post count! it doesnt really mean anything other than that person has no life, so like if i was you i'd let them increase it :thumbsup: as it meant to show your posts not count only SELECTED!

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