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[IPB] IP Take Out

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Uhh well, this is kinda of a problem/suggestion, I am an admin of an IPB forum (I do not own this forum, however) and I have recently moved across seas to live with my Mother. Everytime I go into admin CP I get "Your IP doesn't match" so there is no way to acsess it, this should be taken out, alot of people move from place to place...

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The IP Checking system has been changed in IPB 2.1 to only match the first three parts of the IPB address - to prevent problems like this with ISP's such as AOL where the IP address changes while you are connected, because of their proxy system.

You can disable the IP checking in IPB 1.x / 2.x by changing, near the top of admin.php:

$check_ip = 1;


$check_ip = 0;

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