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In the AdminCP under General Settings > Security and Privacy...

The option that reads: "Get notified when a new user registers via email?" should be changed to read "Get notified by email when a new user registers?"

Just a pet peeve of mine grin.gif Not a huge deal I guess. Wanted to let ya'll know.


1. The admin ability to choose weather or not he gets a PM or a e-mail or both when a new member registers
2. Admin can revert more then one templete at the same time. Or more then one group at the same time.
3. Ability for a admin to allows the ACP sections (System Settings, Users and Groups, Forum Control, etc) to go from most freuent use to lest frequent use (like in microsoft products like word the tool bars you use the most will after a while start to appear more offten and make the things like (in excel) the 'insert function' to appear near the top if you use it alot). (NOTE: I do NOT mean "admin section permissiions")
4. Like above, but sort of still diffrent. The "sub" sections of the pages can also get "moved" around from most to lest frequnt access.
5. Who here besides me would like to orangieze the forums/categories by most to lest frequent access? It would be an option in the UCP.
6. Sub Forum indicator - A little image next to sub forums that show when a new post has been made in that sub forum.Admin option to disble it.
7. Live board Life counter - Counts how long you've had your board up. Admin option to disable it.
8. Forum Warnings - Allows you to a warning show in the forums you want. Like for the Pre-Sale questions here (If added) Matt or another admin could have like a little warning of like what not to do in the forum.
9. Banned from certain forums - Does what it sounds like. Ability to ban a user from only certain forums. Yes I know you should probley ban them globally. But say I only posted crap in the Pre-Sale questions forum but posted good posts in the others?
10. User needs X posts to view forum - Does what it sounds like again. A user MUST have atlest x posts before they can view the topics of the forum.
11. Reason(s) for editing a post - Does what it sounds like again. A user puts the reason he edited the post.
12. Staff notes in topics - This is designed to alow staff members who modreate forums to make nesassary notes in topics for other staff members. These reasons could range from the purpose of closing/opening the topic, to making note of a possible ussue surrounding the ontent in the topic. replaces the need for moderators to make unapproved posts in topics to cmmunicate with others regarding things of the topic.
13. Password topics - Allows the user to set a password to the topic. User by user, forum by forum, and group by group bais could be used. Admins (by default) can bypass the passworded topics and enter as if there was not a password.
14. Fast Reply open by default - Do I need to say what this does?
15. Random password - When a user registers or changes there password via the MCP (UCP) they can optionally change the password to a random generated one.
16. Split open / close topics in groups - An admin (ACP) option to split weather a group can open and or close a topic.
17. Allowed to PM certain groups - A group can ONLY PM those groups which the admin says they can.
18. Group can by seen by (group) - This would allow the admin to set weather a group can see a certain skin or not.
19. ACP Passworded sections - Allows the admin to set weather the tabs and the pages within have a password. They can set it them selfs or let the forum choose a random password.
20. Mother - Son forum(s) - This would allow you to make sun (sub) forums have the same options as the mother forum (above?)
21. Diffrent ranks for diffrent groups - Should be self-explantory. admin can have diffrrent then say global mods and other groups.
22. More flood control - Admin can set what forums have what amount of flood control
23. PM Flood control - With this PM's can get a flood control limit. Is a group/member by g/m optioin. Also can be bypassed.
24. X amount of posts a day - A user/group can ONLY post x amount of posts a day. (should be good for spammers)
25. Search by post count - Allows a user/admin to see in (groups?) the amount of posts a user/group has..
26. Forun Wrappers - Forums now can have diffrent (javascript?) codes in them, instead of globalley)
27. Save post - Be able to save a post to countiune later
28. Delete all topics by (memeber/group) - Option to delete ALL topics by a member and or group
29. Editing admin posts - Ability to disallow lower (staff?) to edit/(delete?) admin postsw.
30. Encahed IP BLOCK - The current IP ban often blocks good visitors to your board. This new ban will allow you to delete or disable the offending users account and then ban his IP as strictly as needed. Any new registrations that match that IP ban will have to be approved first, thus blocking out the bad user will letting other good people that share the same IP range to still visit.
31. You can make a TMM perform a certain function / something after x amount of time. - Say you create a TMM for staff landfil (of non-public posts/topics). You apply it to a topic then like x amount of time later it's moved to the forum you specify.
32. Arrange TMMs - Admin optioin to sort the TMM by what you want.
33. You can choose what staff (groups|members?) can do which TMM's
34. You can choose if the TMM increases post count for (group|member)
35. A skin privew
36. Turn forum offline for X amount of time
37. Turn off the forums you want - A(n) admin can turn off the forums he wants so he can make changes/other things instead of globalley turn off the forum
38. Turn off forums for x amount of time
39. Bump topic without mod
40. Choose how long it takes for the view counter of a topic to update.
41. Ability to sort topics better. (see second post).
There. I cut down on repeates I think. I also took out some of my ideas.
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I said I "merged" nearly all of my ideas. Some came from the topics/posts I made at IF.

Another idea:

As of IPB version 2.0.0 the bottom of the forum screen changed a bit. How about the Admin option to add more to this: screenshot_2.gif

Like able to add (temp?)

Sort topics made by (member name).
Sort topics of which (member name) replied to.
Sort topics by those that have TMM (and the name of the TMM HERE)
Sort topics by those that were moved into (forum_name)
Sort topics by which I suscribed to
Sort topics weather they are visable or not (option)

2. Just got another idea. When something is attached to a post/topic and the image to the left of the topic appears it shows a diffrent color for the type of image. Jpeg, png, gif. To add to about (between the <ex> and </ex> tags) able to sort topics by attachment color.

Just some ideas. I think I have far to many. :P :P

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Damn ... way too much, but I will be going suggestion by suggestion and giving my response or simply a +1

+1 for 2*,6,7,8,10,11,12*,14,16*,17,20*,22*,23,27,28,31,22,23*,39*

For the starred #'s
2: Group revert only
12: My mod thank you very much :D
16: Split pin/unpin as well
20: To put it simply ... inherit permissions and settings :D
22: I may not agree with it or use it, but I know others need it
33: Groups only
39: Okay ... this whole bumping thing is becoming annoying ... isn't this the reason we have the option to pin topics?


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I think its more a matter of being brave enough to take on such a long list :D(Although it is much smaller than it was before


You think that's long? One of my topics in the feature reqeust forum of IF (which was also a merger) had like over 40 to possibly 60 ideas.
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