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A member on my forum suggested a new BBCode.

Basically, if you want to write a quick message to a particular user in your post, instead of using a PM, if you need to give a personal comment to that user using these tags like this:

<Post content goeth here>

[user:4356]Could you possibly fix that downloads bug later?[/user]

That's just the way that my member suggested, but I suppose it would be more logical to use the tag like [user=4356] than [user:4356].

I can see it being useful in situations like development, where you want a particular developer to fix a bug, rather than everyone seeing it.

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I like this, although I question its usefulness ... what if you want to address multiple members?

Besides the user BBCODE, while you're at it, might as well put in a group BBCODE as well. Same thing ... applies to groups.

[group=6]This topic was just pushing my buttons[/group]

Maybe even you want to address only the people on your buddy list

[buddies]Coffee later?[/buddies]


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