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ipb_templates.xml template order

Guest K. T. Walrus

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Whenever there is a new release of IPB, I "diff -r" the files against the previous release to see what has changed. For the most part, this works well, but the ipb_templates.xml seems to be produced with the template XML unordered. So, there are always tons of differences reported even though only a few templates are actually changed.

Could you please consider apply some ORDER to the template bits in ipb_templates.xml when you produce this file? Ordering by group_name, func_name should do the trick.

As it is now, I have to install the board in a test installation and then diff the skin_cache files which are ordered.

It would also be a good idea if all the other XML files were always produced in an order that is repeatable from release to release.

This is a low priority issue, but probably one that you could fix in less than a minute...

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