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Feature needed ASAP and simple

Guest Joey Malinowski

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I have a less simple version, but more expanded as well.

What if, instead of a straight wipe after x days, we do a time reduction method instead.

So, if there has been no changes in warning level after x days, then the warning level will decrease y amount. Then you have a z variable for days in between reductions.

E.g. If a member has not gotten a warning in 1 month's time, then his warning level will be decreased by 10% each week until its a 0%. If at any time the member's warning level increases, reductions don't start for another month.


On a side note ... an auto-suspend option for a warning level higher than x would be handy. In this case, following the time reduction method, you could set a warning level that would unsuspend the member.

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Also the ability to let Moderators edit the warn level via the warn center.

For example if a mod wanted to raise it to 10 - and each increase was 5 - they'd have to do it twice, each with an explaination.

It'd be easier if the mod/admin got to just type in the explaination, and 10 - and have it be 10%

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Warning System v3.0

  • ACP (current options and settings, plus...)
  • Warning Auto Decrease
    • Descrease how many points at a time (0 to disable) [ #]
    • Time period to decrease (0 to disable) [ #] [Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months]
    • Apply to which groups [ list of groups ]

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I think you missed what I put.

Say you warn someone 5 points. Then say you have it set to decrease 1 pt per day. It would take them 5 days to be back at 0. If after 1 day they are warned another 5, they would be at 9 (5, -1 for 1 day, +5 more).

For a 10 point system, something like 1 pt/day or 1 pt/2days, etc would seem reasonable.

Could also be 2 pts/week. Timer would start from the last warn time (so if they were an hour away from being dropped a point and then get another warning, then they wouldn't get that point dropped).

I'm presuming you are using something like a 100 point system (which I think is overkill, but oh well).

25 pt warning. 2 pts/2 days. Per day it would be.. 25,25,23,23,21,21,19,19,etc.
But let's say that they're at 25, 10 minutes from going to 23, then get warned another 25. Then they're at 50 for 2 days.

25 pts, dropping 2 pts per 2 days, it would be a total of 13 drops, taking 26 days. 5pts/week. 5 weeks (35 days).

That should provide enough power to make the reductions either go quickly or go very gradually.

Of course if this were to get made, the maker could always include a delayed timer-starter.

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Just because something's available as a mod doesn't make it an obsolete feature request.

I think the decaying warning concept is a good one. But the idea you mention of it dropping to zilch after a certain period of time is the one that (I think) is at IZE.

Especially when a member can see their own warning level, to see their level gradually dropping down lets them know that their time is being served, then if it goes back up, they know they did something to get it back up again.

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Simply: After a certian amount of time passes in which the member has not been warned, he looses ALL his warn points. (nice and simple). Should be run as a task.

I know what the original request was, but I don't like the idea of clearing the slates in one blow.

You would not release a criminal from prison without a probationary period ... same here ... start slowly removing the person's warning level and if they behave through all of it then they have a clean slate.

It ultimately helps prevent abuse of the auto-depletion feature.

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