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IPB 2.0.x to 2.1 Skin Upgrader

Guest ChrisA

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I have just imported a load of my IPB 2.0.x skins into my 2.1 demo board, and it stricks me that even though the skin changes are probably not complete yet, there doesn't seem to be any easy means by which to make your existing skins aside from the IPB default skin compatable with IPB 2.1 - I certainly can't find anything in the AdminCP, which is listing all the HTML elements as 'unedited' in the imported skins - which indeed is true, but they do not work in IPB 2.1 (aside from the extra images - easy enough to fix really, you have all the new Javascrpt menus etc.)

So some kind of package which at least assists in upgrading your old skins so they are at least useable after an upgrade to IPB 2.1 would be very helpful I think.

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