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Better news system

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The one thing I'd really like to see is an enhanced news system that can be exported either to a news page, XML Feed, or portal page. In my case, I run a site where 'newsworthy' posts can be in several different forums, and having one lone news forum doesn't make sense for me.

What I have/had with PHPBB2 was a modification where I could flag any post as news, and set it to a category, i.e. Football, Baseball, Basketball. I then had an engine that would display just those news posts on either the front page of the site, or via RSS.

I think this feature would go a long way to making IPB and the IPB Portal more valuable to sites that are focused on discussion forums, but want to bring selected content from the forums into other areas of the site.

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The first 2 can be accomplished by using SSI.php, and I think you can use more than one forum with IPBportal for news - correct me if im wrong.

As far as I know IPBportal can use multiple forums for news, but it uses all posts in that forum. What I think would be useful is to be able to flag specific posts in any forum as news. This way you can have a forum where anyone can post, but only posts that you have marked as news get displayed on the news page.
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