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Something i miss in IPB 2.1

Guest .Nuke

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Hi Matt @All

Something i miss in the 2.1 ACP is there is no Board Home, i have to open a new tap or new window just to get back to my Board Index.

One thing i also liked in the 2.0.x is that you can be in the ACP an still moderere your forum, from the admin.

So Matt can't you put a link in the ACP to Board Home, or maby so we can administere or board from ACP

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Yes and no. I use it occasionally, mostly when im first setting a board up. Its not essential, but usefull. So I would say leave it if its going to be really hard to implement. Though the new ACP is a big improvement over the old one, and if thats a sacrifice we have to make, then im happy.

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