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[2.1B2] ACP Validating New Members

Guest AtariAge

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When validating new members, can you please make it possible to click on a user's name to edit their information? Also, can you link the IP address so it goes to the IP tool? These would both save me some time when manually validating new users, and should be pretty simple changes to make. :)



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Be nice if it were to give you the same type of list display (but single column) like when you go to manage members. That way you can see when they joined, how far they are on validation, etc, but have the drop down menu for editing them too.

Oh oh oh... Maybe ajax abuse but how about this too.. Have a list where you can click (A)(D)® for approve/delete/re-send (validation). Then when you click the Submit button, it'll do that action on each line.. (So you could Approve a few accounts, delete a couple and resend on a few others, all in one stroke)

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