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Either a separate product that can easily integrate with the forums, or an add-on module for use with the forums. Preferrably one that can be separate but made to use the forums database (if one is available), that way (as an example), a subdomain like "members.dacity.com/Wolfie" could be used, or optionally, "forums.dacity.com/index.php?automodule=pages&uid=1" (or automodule=pages&uid=Wolfie)


  • Option to turn it on/off/auto (auto would turn it off if the board is turned off for any reason)
  • Allowed content (.mov/.jpg/.mid/java/etc)
  • layout/skin (so the admin can have their site shown with the page)
  • available layouts the members may use (like predefined tables/structures)
  • amount of space per group (using secondary groups to give the better permissions/space, of course)
  • load in new modules to be available for the members to use (clock, calendar, guestbook, etc), along with options for each
  • modules: include a few examples and resources so admins can design their own. source/editing through an edit, kind of like the skin editor.
  • statistics review/toggle/reset (bandwidth used, page counter, size of each, etc)
  • be able to modify a members account individually (over-ride default options) to control access to having one, how much space, etc.
  • other options, such as the members page being unavailable to all groups (except groups granted permission to always see) if the member is a member of a group that's not allowed to have one (or if the members access has been individually cut off); allow private pages (only selected groups, chosen by the member, may see the page, perhaps even a private group of people that can see it - possibly a list shared with the blog)
User options:
  • Be able to select from list of available templates to use
  • block choices (if any used at all). left/center/right/top/middle/bottom
  • content structure (like block choices); simply something that could be a form that gets filled out, then it structures that information automatically for the member. the content block could be edited to keep it simple.
  • color choices & schemes
  • picture includes (if group setting permits)
  • multiple pages (up to max allowed by group setting)
  • ability to turn the pages on/off individually
  • easy linking to the pages.. {page:main} default, with default names like {page:1} {page:2} etc, but the name can be changed by the user to have names. (which would also change references to it to be friendly)
  • via a help guide, variables could be available to the member to use, like [pm] would convert to a link to PM that member, while [pm=##] would be to PM another member (both closing with [/pm]. [aim] & [aim=name], same with msn,icq,yahoo and profile/blog/gallery (defaults to that member, but can be set to specify someone else).

would go to another members "page".

I would be willing to pay $50 (to IPS) for a product like this, especially if it's stand alone. $50/year -or- $75 perp, $20/year support.
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Ok come on everyone.. People like the gallery because it helps to form a community (kind of), same with the blog. Why not the ability to let the members created (within reason) their own webpages? In some ways like the blog & gallery combined (for some of the features used) but in other ways its not because it gives more freedom to the member.

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This is exactly what I am looking for as well. Also, a billing system for those who wish to sign up would also be great. For example, maybe you want to charge $12/year for a user to use your space for hosting (very much like webhosting).

I really hope to get a response from the owner of invision board about this matter, I would buy this product in an instant...(but would others). This is exactly the kind of script I need and have been looking for....and since I already have an invision board forum, I'd rather stick with invision board software for ease of use for my members. I also feel this move may help those in deciding to purchase vbulletin, to move over to invision board. Any comments?

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It's partially where I got the idea from, the idea of a page being accessable through the forums, editable by the members, but when I thought about it, it dawned on me that it should also be a stand alone product that can use the converge system as well, so if the admin has IPB, it could use the existing database and even integrate directly with the forums. Also with being able to control everything, members could either instantly publish pages, or require approval, etc. Either way, it would leave some creativity up to the members while keeping it secure. I'm really eager for this too.


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Here is an example of what I am talking about. This is aimed for the mods, and I hope they can do a bit of research on this:


Here is another example:


Both scripts are a bit flawed, as the user cannot use the wysiwyg editor in firefox, only IE. However, this is exactly what I am looking for, and it would be nice if invision board could create this type of script! Obviously not that expensive though. $299 is definitely not right. So, what do you say invision board owners....you going to create one? :)

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This could be included as part of Invision Community Blog.

If not, It would be quite an easy modification to write, perhaps not with all those features.

I'd also suggest include URL rewriting to allow users to use somesite.com/somedude rather than somesite.com/forums/index.php?automodule=pages&cmd=view&name=Somedude

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This could be included as part of Invision Community Blog.

If not, It would be quite an easy modification to write, perhaps not with all those features.

The whole idea would be for it to be more than a blog. It's to be more of a homepage. The idea that I offered (as quoted above) would(should) allow for friendly url's, just that maybe it should be more like "members.dacity.com/pages/Wolfie" as an example, so that someone can't try to select a system folder. The whole idea is to use the concept that AOL offers in it's homepages, with IPS characteristics (and especially with the new blog feature of moving content blocks around).


For the friendly url, let the admin have the option of making/using an .htaccess file that would rewrite the url to the proper location.


be rewritten to

Then there wouldn't be the need to make multiple directories/index.php files, and case sensitive/insensitive names could be optional.

(But if the admin doesn't want to create the .htaccess file, then obviously they would use the other style)
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