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IPB Browser Integration (via Bookmarks, Extension)

Guest //Nathan

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A few days ago, I suggested a Firefox extension to aid in BBCode-tagging in posts.

I have another idea as well, which would go along with that. I'm not sure if an extension could be made for IE users, but Bookmarks can be added to any browser, regardless (AFAIK). Now, this is how I browse my (and other) forums via Bookmarks now...


That's the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, and AFAIK you can do the same thing in MSIE. Those are links mostly to forums, and to other areas like UCP, ACP, Blogs, Arcade, etc. And my favorite link, Todays Active Topics, which is my browser's homepage. I'm not a big fan of the "main page" on any forum. Of course, if new forums were added, I wouldn't necessarily know... but that's beside the point.

I was thinking, for our friends still on Dialup (and... dare I say it... AOL), even though we have good compression, and fewer page loads, less queries, than we did before, saving loading time for everyone, we could save people a lot of page loads if we had a Bookmark based system. Just about every action would be bookmarked... Each category would be a folder, each forum a folder, POSSIBLY rss feeds to have topics within the bookmarks, new topic, new poll, etc., etc. You could still do it "the old way" but this would save you a few page loads, as from the main page you have to actually go into the forum and then go to Post New Topic. I'm not sure if this can actually be done now...

But I think the ideal forum system, as long as we're still web-based (an application rather than a browser to interface forums would be much more efficient, but that would be a significant undertaking), would have downloadable content that could significantly increase the productivity of power users. After all, it's Invision POWER Board... The name really has the power user appeal about it. I'm thinking the board itself could host its own extension, fully customized for that board, and it only works when that board is loaded (this is how one could view multiple forums... the extensions built/customized by the forum in question), and it updates as you make changes to the board, such as add BBCode, smilies, etc. This extension would call home like the others, and if an update's available, it updates, so everyone stays current. On the same token, the board would have 1 link which you click, and it adds the whole bookmark tree. Clicking it again deletes the tree and restores it with the most current version. Since it's all rooted to one link -- an abbreviated version of your forum's name -- deleting that one link, very easy to do, uninstalls the bookmarks that quick.

Think about it... Especially Firefox users... We have a modular web browser... We have a forum platform that's really on the cutting edge as far as technology... Google and a few other web giants are already making extensions and such for Firefox. The Google Autocomplete, or the Imageshack Transloader. Both VERY cool. It's inevitable that forums will be "pulled in" as well... Extensions like BBCode are already starting it, although I have yet to see such an extension that works 100% with IPB... they're all optimized for Mozillazine or some custom/oudated forum platform. <_<

2.1 is really exciting, and like others, I "can't wait" (really, I can ;) ) to run it on my own forum... But it's these future advances in the technology that I can see coming in the next couple years which are REALLY exciting. :D

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How about a bookmark/favorites (without the "u") generator.

"(name of site) Forums Menu"
Personal Messenger
UserCP->(sub menu)
--My Controls
--Board Settings
Forums->(sub menu)
--(Name of catagory 1)->(sub menu)
----(Name of forum 1)
----(Name of forum 2)
----*(Name of subforum 2)->(sub sub menu)


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