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Emblems (like group icons) but for posting in certain forums.

Guest Lemon Head

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Can I suggest an addition to the Member Group Icons (Admin team, Moderator team etc) that a new set of images can be awarded (called Emblems or Awards) for reaching posting in specific one or more forums.

I got the idea from TV.Com's forum. There you get an award for as an example, a small SCi-Fi related image for posting often in the Sci-Fi based forums and so on...

The images could be uploaded into an awards or emblems skin folder. You could create and set awards for all types of uses dependant upon the subject matter of your forums.

Another example, say you have a Fishkeeping Advice forum, members would be awarded a Yellow Tang Marine Fish award for having posted most in the Marine Fish Help forums and so on...

I'm sure the Board could work out the percentages and figures automatically.

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