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Better modqueue options!

Guest //Nathan

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Hey, I don't know about you guys, but I think the modqueue feature is really cool... but not used for all it could be. I have a couple suggestions to extend the modqueue feature to do a little more.

1. "Post to Mod Queue" should be a new option between "Post New Topic" (or "Add Reply") and "Preview Post." That way, if you're not sure if something's allowed, rather than ask a mod, you could put it in the queue and let them approve or disapprove it. Example: I make a post about a file I found on BitTorrent, and I know talking about filesharing is a no-no, but the file in question isn't copyrighted. So I make a post about the file in general, post it, then make a reply with a link to the torrent site. A mod logs on, sees the modqueue icon, goes in there, and then makes the decision to either approve and merge the reply, or delete it.

2. "Mod Queue First X Posts" -- You know how every day a newb registers here and expects support for their outdated, pirated, or trial IPB, despite all the indications that they're supposed to purchase a license to get support? What if every member's first X posts were modqueued? Like 3-5.

Just some ideas... ;)

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