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Hi -
This feature suggestion relates to the SM component of IPB.

Although the ACP now contains options allowing a Show Subscriptions and Force Subscription on registration, I think the SM should be tied still closer to the registration process. Currently this is what happens when the Show Subscriptions and Force Subscription feature is activated:

  • The registration screen contains a section which does not allow the registration to be submitted until a subscription package has been selected.
  • Once the subs package is selected the new member is allowed to register. They then have to login (after the registration has been accepted). I guess the seperate log in is a security feature, although I seem to remember it used to log you in simultaneously on successful registration?
  • After they have logged in, they then get presented with a request to re-select a subscription package and go throught the subscription process.
In my view, if you've selected the feature to 'Force Subscription on Registration' then what you're really saying is that the subscription is part of the registration - ie you only want new members who are willing to subscribe. But currently they can successfully register then not subscribe. Why they do this I'm not sure - maybe I have more than my fair share of dense visitors, but about half a dozen a week do this despite clear messages on the registration screen that registering successfully means being prepared to pay a subscription fee.

If it's feasible, I'd like to see the completed registration only happening when a subscription has been taken out. This would also mean that a registration email thanking them etc., could be sent at this point.

This is actually another problem at the moment - the SM doesn't have the option to send an email on successful subscription. If a site has an integral subscription and registration, the email shouldn't be sent when a new member has only partly completed that process - ie when they have registered but not subscribed - but when they have joined 'properly', by both registering and subscribing.

Hope this makes sense - if not I'll be happy to try again! :)
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