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Ability to select or owen topics/posts

Guest .Nuke

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Hi Matt

It came to me from this topic : http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?...opic=176539&hl=

Insted of the admin, have to select which forums/topics there needed to be ignore in the seach or View New Posts. Why not also make an options in the My Controls that makes us able to select what we wish see in the board when we seach for new posts in View New Posts. :thumbsup:

I really hope you all know what i meen, because i think this will rock :devil:

EDIT : I have postet a image so you can see how i select which forums in which to view when i use the View New Posts

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that does sound resonable. Also even the IF staff don't always reply to our feature requests saying either that this can be found in the offical list (link), won't happen, after IF 2, etc. Same with the IPB staff most likely; they don't have to reply to every feature reqeust here, nor do the members. Nice request.
:D :P :cool:

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