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Warning Extension(2) for Signatures

Guest Luke

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We have a signature size restriction where if they post over a certain size a banner shows up in their sig. Sometimes we will edit a members sig to fit within the guidlines or ask them to do so and they will either edit it back or ignore the moderator. We also have a few rules of what can not be in the signature and the same type of thing happens.

I would like to see an extension to the warning system where a moderator can disable a members signature editing ability for an X amount of time.

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It would really be better to have more controls as to what people can put in their sig. The image restriction mod is nice, but I would like to see restrictions on anything that can result in an oversized sig.

Some people seem to think it is appropriate to have a signature several lines long (by which I mean 20 or so) and therefore some ability to prevent so many carriage returns within a sig. would be good.

Of course, this is also dependant upon the size of the text, so perhaps the ability to limit the max text size.

Finally, I would like a way for members to upload images for use in their signature (maybe one signature image slot per user); you can do this for avatars and photos, so signature images would be good too. I would like this because it makes it possible to provide a signature gallery (much like the avatar gallery) and prevent people from using external images (which slow overall loading time of the site sometimes).

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I think there should be a set signature limit in dimensions, for example 400x200 just to throw some numbers out there. If the signature is greater than that, it's cut off.

An alternative would be to impose such a limit and use scroll bars, so anyone could have a larger signature, but it would have to be scrolled, sort of defeating the purpose (but then someone could also make a normal, conforming signature, drop down below the range, and drop in a list of favorite URLs or something.

Also there is a great mod on IZE that only displays the signature once per page. Very nice.

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The problem is its impossible to determine how big their signature is. Resolution is a factor, images are factors, etc...

All I want to see is a way to punish members when they break the rules using the warning panel. I run a site for kids, so this would be highly effective, atleast in my case.

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I agree that more options are needed regarding signatures.

Signature image restrictions of some kind as a standard feature would be very much appreciated because alot of users either ignore the rules or just dont read them in the first place.

That leads to mods having to chase them around and request changes. Then they have to monitor those users to see if they have actually changed or not.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

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