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Warning Extension for PM's

Guest Luke

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I would like to see an option in the warning section for a mod to revoke PM privileges for X amount of time. Currently I have a group identical to the members group with no pm abilities, but only the Admin's can move a member so it would be nice if a mod could do this and for a set amount of time. Also when PM abilities are revoked they can recieve PM's they just cant send them (but they can send them to super mod's and mod's ONLY with the warning control ability).

This would be a very good add on... Would make controlling PM's easier, especially since we get complaints about some members spamming inboxes of other members. And the current method is a strait for me as an Administrator, especially when I would rather my moderators do it.

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Yeah - as I mentioned in the Private topic thread (see my sig.) I think we need more control over PM permissions.

Although I didn't mention something like this, I believe this is a great idea also.

Personally I find that its the new users that abuse the PM system so I would prefer the ability to have more than just on/off for the PM system in order to allow new members the ability to receive PMs, but not send too much. At present you can do what you need to, albeit not very elegantly, whilst it is not possible (without mods) to restrict a group with the PM system enabled.

(did any of that make sense?)

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