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Suggestion for Software Devs

Guest Krepta

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I don't know whether you think this would work, I'm just trying to improve the Board I use a lot. I want to be able to see Software Devs as unique entities on the board, special users who have special icons indicating that they are software devs. I want to see an indication for when a Software Dev looks at a message, how often software Devs are looking at a Topic, and I want to see a special indication that a Software Dev has written a response to a Topic and how many Dev responses there are in a Topic.

The reason I want this is because I want to see that Suggestions being made on a Website for a particular program, like THIS site for instance, are being seen, concidered, and debated by the people who actualy Develop the software that the site is all about. I think there is a distinct difference between Board Moderators and Software Developers. I want to see Software Developers have special support in the Board software.

I already suggeested this on that other site I use all the time, and they use YOUR Board software. They probably won't be writing their own board software, and probably will only be using yours, so, I am presenting my suggestion to YOUR software developers. And I hope they see the message, concider it, debate it, and all that good stuff.

Thanks for reading. :)


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