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Content related drop-down boxes (for custom profile fields)

Guest nicoo

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It would be usefull to have custom profile fields with content related drop-down boxes. This would of course need some ajax.

Here is an example of what I mean:


I don't like this implementation, as you have to explicitly write down all possible combinations.

I would prefer a much easier method:

Custom-profile-field 1 - dropdown-box:

name: car brand
related to: none

Custom-profile-field 2 - dropdown-box:

name: Car model
related to: car brand
fo; fi=Fiesta
fo; ta=Taurus
fo; fo=Focus
fo; ka=Ka
fo; ga=Galaxy
bm; z3=Z3
bm; z6=Z6
bm; 530d=530d
da; ec=E-Class
cr; cf=Crossfire
cr; vo=Voyager

This is just an example of how it could be done. Depending on the first selection, the user would be presented only the needed options. This could be usefull in pretty much every buisness orientation I can think of, or at least in a lot.

Would be great if this could be shown on registration and in the members profile. Would be nice to see this in IP.dynamic also ...

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