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User Group Management

Guest Stuart Elliott

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Currently in the User Group Management screen you see something like this:


Which when you click on one of the member groups to show membership, gives you:


Whereas in actuality, if you're trying to manage users and groups, you're be better off seeing:


Is there anyway this could be changed to be the default action for selecting groups?

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Open sources/admin/ad_groups.php. Find:

$total_linkage = "<a href='{$ibforums->vars['board_url']}/index.{$ibforums->vars['php_ext']}?act=Members&max_results=30&filter={$r['g_id']}&sort_order=asc&sort_key=name&st=0' target='_blank' title='List Users'>".$r['prefix'].$r['g_title'].$r['suffix']."</a>";

Change to:

$total_linkage = "<a href='{$ibforums->adskin->base_url}&amp;act=mem&amp;code=searchresults&amp;searchtype=normal&amp;mgroup={$r['g_id']}' title='List Users'>".$r['prefix'].$r['g_title'].$r['suffix']."</a>";

Save and upload.

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