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"Header & Footer Wrapper" Admin CP Section

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There are an suggestion, put and "Header & Footer Wrapper" section in the skin section of the Admin CP.

That will includes:

  • Edit Root Skin Board Header & Footer Wrapper
  • Edit Root Skin Board Header & Footer Wrapper
  • Edit Root Skin Template HTML - All Global HTML - global_board_header
  • Edit Root Skin Template HTML - IPB Portal - csite_skeleton_template
  • Edit Root Skin Template HTML - skin_blog_global - blog_wrapper
Sorry fot not including Gallery, but I not purchased it. But, it too includes the ALL Header & Footer Wrapper from the Gallery skin.


More, include the option to manage the smilies order, re-order emoticons.


Option to re-order your skins in the Skin Selector on the footer.


Option to allow user to allow or not the selection of languange.


In the option to add the website name and adress URL in the bottom of the logo box, allow the use of more than one. Well, there are the problem of the number of text boxes, so, put how is in the old version of the IPB, one per line, it will be great fot the ACP!


Make Announcements as normal topics, and fix (or close - But with it you can allow users to reply), and, when you make it an announcement, will have the option from where it will appers. Will still appers in the My Controls.
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