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Ability to show subforums on boarsindex too

Guest Falling Down

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Hmmm... I think this idea could be useful.

It really depends on the idea behind using subforums though - in some cases it may be to put related forums together... but that's what categories are for?
If you're doing it to put related forums together in a way that saves space (so you don't have a long list of forums) then obviously it would negate the benefit and therefore pointless.

I think the only additional feature here is the ability to have one rule for some and a different one for another (so you have 2 different forum organisations, in a sense, for users to choose from). I'm 99.9% sure you can do this yourself via a little bit of modding and some skinning - if you put the effort in. Then you just have 2 identical skins except for this change, and get your users to select which they prefer.

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Well, it's just some people like to have sub-forums because they think the list of forum will be to long sooner or later... and others, e.g. me, completly dislike subforums.

Now, since the community is growing daily and rapidly we are creating more forums... I'm sure others think the same way - isn't it?

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