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[2.x] Ajax plugin system

Guest Frankl.in

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Ajax plugin system
Allow admins to create, import and export Ajax plugins

This would allow admins to choose which Ajax based features are available on their board. They should be able to create the plugins in their ACP using something like an Ajax editor which would look a bit like the current BBCode editor perhaps with syntax highlighting and an easy mode (like the skin editor) for newbies. These plugins can be exported to a XML file which of course can be shared with others.

In addition: the plugins could be linked to group/member permissions

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It basically allows you to send/recieve XML documents to the server via Javascript without reloading the page. Which means you can do server-side processing and have data returned and displayed on your page without having to refresh.

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What I mean is that admins can add AJAX functions to their board themselves (like you can modify skins, add bbcodes, add smilies, add macros, etc)

It's a bit hard to explain, but what I meant with the BBCode section in the ACP is simply the fields: a title field, description field and a textarea to write the code in. The relation with the BBCodes is that you can export and import XML files with bbcodes, that could be done the same with an Ajax plugin system.

Let me try to explain it with a picture: add AJAX function

The JS code would than be added to the board's JS. Users can use macros like {memberID} or {boardurl} or something like that which would be replaced by their dynamic values.

I hope this makes it more clear to you... :unsure:

I know the javascript I used in the example won't work, it's just an example..

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How would this interact with the actual board though?

The javascript is there, but it'll need to be implemented into IPB's code as well surely?

Well, I don't know about that. Probably add a listener (I believe that's how you call it) to the boards JS. If I would know how to get that done I would code it myself :P

Maybe it is a bit too complex/early for a messageboard, dunno..
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