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RSS Bot Post Count

Guest Lemon Head

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Regarding the RSS Post Count, if you look at a news post from Mr Bot he doesn't have a post count (its set at 0) but if you look at his profile the information is there within the most active stats:

Total Cumulative Posts 0
( posts per day / % of total forum posts ) Most active in News Wire
( 531 posts / 100% of this member's active posts )

The same thing happened with the Invisionize mod that I used ot use and it was never addressed. It is a minor issue, but as it would be useful to quickly see how many posts have been made Board wide and the information appears to be available, could it be corrected without much trouble?

Secondly, what happens if someone PM's the bot, do the PM's get stuck in limbo for ever? LOL!

Thirdy, can you import feeds into different forums? ie. General news into a News forum, car news into a car based forum etc?

Thanks guys!

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You can choose to turn the post count on or off for the RSS Poster. The RRS Robot account is a real account, you could login and post with it. You might want to use your account as the one which will post the RRS feed, but without inflating your post count in which case you'd turn the option off. :)

As the account is real, the PMs are actually delivered, although he isn't capable of making conversation. :P

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