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Improved New Member Email - Include Profile info

Guest Lemon Head

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I have another suggestion which occurred to me because I like to approve Members having taken a look at their completed profile info, email address etc as some previously banned trolls re-register with curious sounding email address and profile info. My suggestion would be to include:

You can of course find this information manually by switching between the various pages in the AdminCP, IP Tools and View Members Profile part of your Board but its time consuming and it would be far more efficient and effective to gather all the information from the Database and include it all (whatever's available) neatly laid out in the New Member Email. You could also include any other's Members names that have had or have used similar IP's as an indicator or for information? I'm sure all this information must be stored in the Database, would it be difficult or impossible to gather it together and form a comprehensive and informative new Member email notifcation? Regards, Graham.

[*]All supplied standard profile fields [*]All completed custom profile fields [*]The persons email address [*]IP address when registering [*]Reverse DNS IP lookup info ( comes back as 81-86-252-24.dsl.pipex.com) [*]Date and time of Registration

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Although slightly different, whilst we're talking about the 'new member emails' - I think it'd be good to have an email sent out when someone signs up, and then another when they complete their registration (i.e. if you have email validation enabled these are two different events!).

Whilst I would like to know when a member signs up, I'm more bothered about if/when they actually validate and therefore complete their registration - therefore becoming a member instead of just another stat.

For the record, I also agree with Graham that more comprehensive 'new member notification' emails would be very nice!

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