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some IF requests to IPB

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Sorry if I request a lot of IF requests (for features) to IPB. (i may request some IPB features to IF. that aren't comming. (at the IF feature request forum of coruse) ) :P

[*]Automatic bumping - idea is placing an option under New Forum that lets you have a system that bumps unanswered topics after [x] amount of hours or after it has fallen back [x] amount of pages. This small request would make most people's lives easier as they don't have to keep bumping (and potentially breaking a forum's rules) and double posting to keep their unanswered topic on or near the front page, and keeping the topic clean of spam. This could also be used on a forum where manual bumping would result in a member's post count increasing for no reason.

So the bar for activating Auto Bumping would look like this:
Activate Auto Bump in this forum? Yes/No
If yes, set how often an unanswered topic will be bumped: After [x] hours OR after [x] pages

The notepad (in UCP) doesn't change size. The lanague packs don't work.
. [*]make sure that the signature is always completely at the bottom of a post, cause if you make a small post, you sig hangs somewhere halfway that post. [*]make the Post/signature seperator this: ________ instead of this: ------------ [*]Avatar/sig sizing for diffrent groups -diffrent groups (Like admin) can have a bigger avatar then say super mods which can have more then Memebers, or regular mods. Goes for sigs. and this is optional [*]PM at 'y" amount of post. - This would PM a memember after they get x amount of post(s). The admin can decide what the PM will say, and this will be optional (yes|no) [*]Mass move from one group to another - Be able to mass move people from one group (like suspended) to banned, or banned to suspended, or another group. [*]Search for - Using the search be able to search for post, topics, author, (or other things). [*]ACP pass worded sections: - How about being able to password certain sections within the ACP. And since 2.1 Is getting tables maybe make some tabs also passworded two.The passwords would be randomly generated from a password maker, If you foget the password to a section you could get a e-mail (or PM) of it via about the same system that IPB uses for lost passwords [*] Topic description (thing under topic name on forum): - What this would do is if a topic has a description under neather it the main forum view (or sub forum view) would show the description along with the other info. This would be good for some topics like at the IF support forums the "IF upgrade' topic descrip says 'NOTE: Read The FAQ Topic Before Posting" but when someone posts most if not likley all people go to the topic from the main forum view and don't see it. or if someone makes a reply like "will the board wrappers still work?" the memembers/staff always reapte the same answer, if the descip was shown people may read it, and read (in the case of the upgrade topic) the faq. [*]Mother (to -) forums - Who would like it if the permissions of a mother forum got transfered to a sub (son) forum when they were made. In some case this would be bad, but this would be a option in the forum create screen when a fourm is made transfer mother permissions to son forum?. [*]Diffrent ranks for diffrent groups - Should be self-explantory. Admins can have a diffrent rank then say global mods, and other groups [*]More flood control options - With this diffrent forums can have diffrent forums can have diffrent flood control limits, like a spam forum can have a 2 second flood control while another forum has 20 seconds, (more or less). [*]PM flood control - With this Personal messages get a flood control limit. For advertisers (for example) they could get more flood contorl then others. (can be bypassed) [*]X amount of posts per day - With this people can only post a certain amount of posts per day like 5 or so. This can be group by group, member by member, and forum by forum bais. [*]Post screen - Move the icons where you want them (via UCP). All of those above WOULD BE OPTIONAL. Sorry for so many requests. and sorry if you can already do some of these. (you think this is a lot) you should see every topic I made in the feature request sub forum at IF (I think I made over 20 or so topics, but about 80 total sugggestions). I'll come up with more latter I think. and because I can't do it anywhere else. I notice two bugs in Alpha 3: Could a cusomter that can post a topic about those two in the bugs forum?
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Anyone have comments on any of these? and (not a IF reqeust I think) but also maybe more global forum/category options like globaly enable (if you have the mod installed) can bypass password protected topics?/more options.

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