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a few Forum AND ACP features

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[*] Who here besides me like the ability to rearrange the forums (and categories) the way you want? I mean a NORMAL memeber NOT a Admin; yes I KNOW you can arrange them if your an admin, but normal memebers by not like the arrangement of the forums ((A-Z, OR Z=A)). (UCP) [*]Order the forums by MOST TO LEST frequent access. (UCP)

Arrange the (sub) sections from MOST to lest frequent access (so you access say user and groups more then say forum control, then after a while UAG (users and groups) would appear higher then forum control. I also propose the same for the sections within that, like
  • Manager members
  • Add new member
  • Manage rank

within users and groups, also the time (when you log in I guess) it would pop up a thing saying which (sub) sections and sections within that (like manager memebers) changed, and where they are now located.
Like the sections (menus I guess) same for tabs.


and if people want some of the screen things like in system settings the options like CPU and personal mesage set-up.. the forums and ACP options WOULD BE OPTIONAL, the members and admin (for ACP) DON'T have to make the forums/menus (in ACP) change where they are. Also could (matt) add a option to the UCp of the post screen people want? some people may not like the new post screen. Sorry for (alot) of requests, but of these may be neat.
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