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rearrange Find/edit/suspend user

Guest Dlf

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1. As you probley know if you go the Find/edit/suspend user section of the ACP and just dont' type any thing in you get the names, e-mails, and other info about all memembers on the board. It would be nice if possible to make it so you could rearrange (or organize) the members by what you want like e-mail, name, IP, group, join date, (/other info), all by A-Z or Z-A. If you could do this right now, how? and I DON'T mean by adding a mod.

2. And also what about being able to choose the size of the post screen (yes I know of the buttons, but that increases/decreases it a certain amount) I'm talking about being able to increase/decrease it as much or little as you want, like right to brim of the bottom of the words of the last sentese, or other thing.

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