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Mysql backups

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Mysql Backups

I am in the process of setting up a very large chat room and I love the IPB! It seems to do everything I can dream of; the main chat room, the blogs, and the on-line chat room

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Surely backup is an aspect of the OS and/or system administrators and should not be the 'responsibility' of an application such as IPB!

Most people not only have an IPB but a web site as well, plus you have to consider all the 'other' applications/packages that may be/are running............

I see IPB as a single application, much like my word processor or speadsheet etc - so does your word processor, spreadsheet or even email client software backup your whole computer?

There is NO commercially available program to make unattended backups and restore the data

I would say that this statement is total wrong! Check out Veritas for one. I work within the IT industry and I can tell you that backups are BIG business and there are plenty of companies competing for your business.

Then again, good backup packages are not cheap - but what price do you put on the safety of your data and recoverability?

Most 'hosts' do provide some form of backup facility and using this is the only way that you can ensure that everything you need backed up is! In most cases a script can be created to automate the task as often as you want/need. In most cases (Unix/Linux) the backup will probably be a simple tar file(s) that can be scheduled with a crontab as often as you require! Quick and simple although not very efficiant.

Backup are very important, vital in fact, so you should therefore invest in something that is right for you and your system, something that allows you to both backup and restore, quickly and easily, anything from a single file to your complete system. To cater for this the backup will need to be both compressed and indexed, so for many people a 'flat file' backup (such as tar) will not be suitable, especially with very large sites and/or databases etc.

This leads me to conclude that the folks at Invision have a sever lack of understanding of the importance of backups

I somehow doubt this very much and I would again say that backup should not be the responsibility of an application such as IPB but rather your responsibility!

Just my 2 pence worth.

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that is one of the most sensible posts made on these forums. Thank you.

Thank YOU!

I should probably have added that I have been 'preaching' and providing consultancy on backups (among other computer system related issues) for almost 20 years.

The number of times I have heard 'Oh, it wasn't my fault, it was xxx.....'

There should be NO compromise when it comes to the safety of our data! The loss of data is one thing but when you factor in the cost of time, effort, potential loss of earnings, customer satisfaction, credibility etc etc while a restoration takes place (if indeed it can be restored) - it can be immeasurable!

I know of organisations (100+ employees) that have gone 'bust' following a system disaster, all because they were not able to restore their data - 100+ unemployed because 'It wasn't my fault............'

Think about it:
Computer destroyed - Solution is quick and easy, buy a new one!
OS (CD's) destroyed - Solution is quick and easy, buy a new copy of the OS!
Applications (CD's etc) destroyed - Solution is quick and easy, buy a new copy of the applications!
Data destroyed - Solution......... Ah, now where is the backup and will it work........?

My apologies for 'going on' yet again but you might guess that the issue of 'backups', data loss and disaster recovery etc is something I feel fairly strongly about........... and for God's sake don't get me started on security!

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Perry, assuming you are on a Linux/Unix server, you can add a cron entry to back up your databases every day.

00 2 * * * /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump --opt -u (dbusername) -p(username'spassword) ipb_db > /backupdirectory/ipb_db.sql && gzip -f /backupdirectory/ipb_db.sql

This will backup your db every day at 0200 hours, tar it then gzip it.

If you're on a Windows server, I'm sure there's an automated task you can run.

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If your host doesn't either take care of backups that you can trust, and/or provide facilities for you to automate your own backups then you are clearly with the wrong host.

I have backups scheduled to run on a daily basis for my IPB-based site which are completely unattended. Whilst I just have them stored on the server, I can download them to my own computer if I like (which I do around once a week - site is still in development so not much DB side changes), and I can have them transferred to another location via FTP as part of the backup process.

I completely agree that IPB should NOT be responsible for backing its database file up - even if you don't have any other site infrastructure in your situation, you still have things like site stats, mailbox config (+ mail?) to be backing up so you need an account level solution rather than just worrying about your database!

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There are three things I want to say regarding this.

1) Backup, Backup, Backup ... Backup often ... Backup to more than one location. There have been many times where I have lost data because of stupid things I did.

2) Do not place COMPLETE faith in your host to actually backup your data - even if you trust them. I know from experience ... six months of one of my communities gone because I did not make recent enough backups and my host did not EVER backup my account (even though I was guaranteed weekly backups).

3) Quick plug - Simna Web Services (http://www.simnaweb.com) offers premium hosting at great prices. Even though we gurantee weekly backups (as my old host did) ... we actually do daily backups to two seperate off-site locations. Which server backups are sent to goes back and forth each day. I don't know of any hosting provider that can say that about their backup systems.


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