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Date/Timestamps on PM traffic

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Discussion at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3972

Use the PM for a running dialog, but the "Date" showing "Today" or "Yesterday" means gyrations involved with keeping track (fistorically) of this data. As the typical configuration icludes an e-mail notification of a new PM, logging in gets you the pop-up notification of a new PM, the "number of unread" counter does change with a new PM, is the "Today/Yesterday" convention needed in the PM display (assume the issue is that same codebase is used to display both PM and Forum data, but ...????) User probably explains it better;

I exchange counter-spam information with another member on a daily basis using SC PM service. Integrating (copying) some of contents into my personal files makes it easier to organize and develop the information. I also find a number of posts in the Discussion forums handy to have in my personal files.

With reference to Invision's Date & Time designations, e.g.: "Today @ 3:30 pm" or "Yesterday @ 3:30 p.m.", copied and filed posts and messages require manual date-timing. Reading a 2 week old message temporized with; "Yesterday @ 3:30 p.m." is not very practical nor useful if the information happens to be time sensitve or if it needs to be set chronologically; such as when reporting a spate of offenses to a Registrar or an ISP.

From a business POV, I think most people would appreciate the novelty of presenting a bank cashier with a checque signed by; "Me", made out to; "You", and dated; "Yesterday"; a situation that could be made positively quaint if you wore camoflage and sunglasses when you tried it. On the other hand, If Invision could contract with my Credit Card Company to show all my charges to have been incurred, "Today", I would effectively have a perpetual line of credit that never maxed out and never became, "Past Due".

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