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Icon which shows that subforum contain new posts..

Guest Falling Down

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I think subforums should (optionally) have new post indicators - which I think is basically what you're saying.

Just as parent forums have a big fat icon which changes depending on whether the forum has new posts or not, perhaps the subforums should have a smaller icon next to their name which changes when there are new posts.

I'm not sure of the current behaviour, but this would make it logical for the parent forum to NOT indicate new posts unless it contained them directly - i.e. if it didn't have new posts, but its subforum did then just indicate the subforum has new posts.

I personally feel that the subforums aren't visible enough on the board index - I have no idea how to significantly improve this without it looking weird though, otherwise I'd have skinned my board to do so...

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Personally, I don't think that's the point - whilst it is nice there is a mod for it, the fact is that mods are a pain every time a new version of IPB is released and therefore some features that would be useful for all users (such as this one) should be included in the standard release.

There are mods to do all sorts of things, some are of general appeal, whilst others are quite limited. I think it makes sense for IPB to have as many of the 'general appeal' features as possible (whilst offering the option to enable/disable many of these via the ACP to save resources for those who don't wish to use it).

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Ahhh, I see, so subtle I never noticed! (Where would I change this? Must be a CSS option somewhere?) What's the likelihood of this changing to actual numbers in the near future?

This is what I used to have when running FBB, it worked pretty well IMO, nice and noticeable.


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