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Draft Posting and Invisibility

Guest Jeremy Privett

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There have been countless amounts of times when I've been in the process of typing up a really long post, and my attention has to be diverted to something else that sometimes causes me to leave the workstation. I'd like to see the ability to save a post (or topic) as a draft that no one else can see, and you can access from your User CP.

Also, Topic and Post invisibility need a small upgrade. Since you're using invisibility instead of the old Mod Queue in the Mod CP, how about adding some new "After Posting..." options for Moderators? Maybe "Make this Topic Invisible" or even "Make this Post Invisible" for edits or if you want to hide for some reason.

Just a couple of things that came to mind, today. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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The post as draft idea is fantastic!

The drafts could post like hidden (queued) topics with only the post owner being able to see the post until he/she decides to publish the post.

This feature could be implemented for topic starts only and then come in with more advanced features that allow drafting of reply posts.

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I too think this is a great idea, just like you can with the blogs.

I would also add permissions: I wouldn't like all groups to be able to do this (can you imagine new users having hundreds of drafts and never actually post them?).

Dreaming is free I guess, but I would also like to see something even more sophisticated: adding a publication time to your draft (you know, sometimes you want to publish a message on a particular day and a particular time, but for some reason you won't have access to a computer, or you don't want to manually do it. It would be great if you could actually program your draft to be automatically published then.)
This has some very interesting benefits as well: if you publish, say, 10 messages in 2 hours but don't publish anything else in the following 5 days, people visit your site and perhaps don't see anything new those days. It would be nice if you could actually program them to go public every, say, 12 hours, so there would be something new all the time.
Anyway, you get the picture, I think this idea has an enormous potential.

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Wow. I can't believe this suggestion was made a year ago and here I am chiming in on the same thing.

Being able to work on a long post, save it as a draft, and come back later is really important. I'll have to chime in that this feature is imperative, and hopefully some others will agree and give this thread a little more life.


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Being able to save drafts would encourage longer posts. I think that's a really good feature; of course with editable permissions, as Telemacus said.

Being able to prewrite a topic is a fantastic idea. I would take full advantage of that. Thank you Telemacus; superb suggestion!

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Definatly a useful feature.

Perhaps an extension of this could be to have collaberative draft topics and allow us to select other users with access to a post and to edit it? Though perhaps this should be a mod rather than a feature as I doubt many would have a need for it.

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Oh Yeah! A "Draft" Post feature for Topics and PM's is a fantastic idea :D

"Drafts" is a common and very useful feature in most everyday apps for those of us who may get side-tracked (interrupted),

hmm a tap on the shoulder and!?!

(Oh Honey my dear, please come to bed). :devil:

and as I was saying about that poor guy who lost his marbles!! :blink: The Doctor told him not to....

(((( INTERRUPTION )))) :devil:

.... suddenly the Doctor couldn't remember a darn thing! So then he....

OOPS!! Sorry, got to go now. :whistle:

Bye :D ;)

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