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skin suggestion

Guest Dlf

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This I dont' think would cuase a revolt in the community but in ACP----skin manager

you have the option to make a (or the) skin visable or invisable to member but that's ALL MEMBERS. what about the option to disable/enable it for only like the members group while the admin can still see the 'IPB DEFULT SKIN' or what ever skin the bottom and change it?.

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anyone else want matt to implement this (when he can)?

and maybe a few more suggestions. Implement some IPB mods (http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/c/111) into 2.1 (or later).

[*]Limit sig(nature) lines and images [*]Prevents ban/delete admin account [*]Group descriptions [*]Admin member notes [*]Upload more emotions (like 24) [*]Mass pm group(s) [*]ACp Second password

[*]Unread Messages Number [*]Subforum Indicators [*]Live Board Life Counter [*]Group Name Indicator [*]Mark new message notification in red [*]No Multi-Accounts Under Same IP (sorry if you can already do this, or it's comming) [*]Forum Warnings [*] Banned From Specific Forums [*] User needs x post to view forum [*] Reason for editing a post v1.0 (optional) [*] Bump Me Up [*] Staff Notes in Topics (Purpose: This is designed to allow staff members who moderate forums to make necessary notes intopics for other staff members. These reasons could range from the purpose of closing/opening or pinning/unpinning the topic to making note of a possible issue surrounding the content in the topic. Replaces the need for moderators to make unapproved posts in topics to communicate with other moderators regarding issues in a topic.) [*] Password Protected Topics [*] Fast Reply Open By Default (just have to add on little line of code to one file and upload (sqr=1)(think that's right) [*]More options in fast reply (bbcode, smilies (<_<), more things that 'normal' reply is able to do) [*] Anti-Bump [*] Subtract Posts on Delete [*] Random Password (D2-Random Password gives the user an option to create a random password when changing their pass.) [*] Board offline [*] Split Open/Close Topic Options in Groups [*]Allowed to PM certian groups [*]Auto PM new members [*]Bypass password protected forums

Some, or most or all of those would be optional like the second password would be optional and wouldn't show if it's offline

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