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1.Was just browing the bug forums and thought that right now all sub forums (not sub sub) must show on the main forum. What about the option to when you make a main forum (Like the annoument forum here) or a sub form (Like Open (confirmed) ) bugs in the bug main forum that you could have a option to show all the sub forums like you when you make a new forum via ACP--->new forum; you could have a(n) option to make the forum appear on the main forum view. So say I wanted to not make a sub forum appear on the main forum; currently I can't do that (I think) with this I could.

2. Ability for a admin to allows the ACP sections (System Settings, Users and Groups, Forum Control, etc) to go from most freuent use to lest frequent use (like in microsoft products like word the tool bars you use the most will after a while start to appear more offten and make the things like (in excel) the 'insert function' to appear near the top if you use it alot).

3. Like above but instead of the main sections it's the section in them like:
View All General Settings
Add New General Setting
Turn Board On / Off
Board Guidelines
General Configuration
CPU Saving

New Forum
Manage Forums
Permission Masks
Topic Multi-Moderation
Trash Can Set-Up


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