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Position of the Outline-View-Tree

Guest Holger Segnitz

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Hello there,

Stewart told me I should file this as an official Feature Request, so here I am:

My users requested the Outline-Tree to be above the posts of the topic. It was that way in the forum we converted from.
After some futile attempts to get help concerning that problem, I finally figured out, how to do that on my own. Thereby I found out that it shouldn't be that much of a problem to include this as a feature into the skin by adding a template-bit that could look like this:




With this, one could simply choose where to display what.


Holger Segnitz.

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One of the most annoying things about IPB is the lack of flexibility in the layout. Within a template bit things are fine, but really the template bits create restrictions on layouts. Also, some output is hardcoded and this needs to change.

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