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Upload pics from PC 4 signature

Guest Falling Down

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Not a very good suggestion because:

[*]IPB consumes the files and adds them into the uploads/ folder, and sadly not the SQL database. [*]If you are owning a large community, many people will use this feature. this will

Increase usage of bandwith rate. Quickly decrease free space on your server.

It isn't too inconvienient to just upload the pictures at their website or at a hosting service.
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I like this idea simply b/c it seems easier to just be able to upload a new pic from your pc, like the avatars.

I'm just a bit leery of the warning on the admin cp about how letting your posters have html in their sigs could allow for someone to hack into it...saying something about "unless you trust your users." But, how can we trust complete strangers? Altho, that's kinda what we're doing anyway by letting people join our forums :)

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