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A small suggestion about 2.1

Guest binside

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I think it would be great and no so hard to implement a new feature in 2.1

I still don't own a licence for IPB /But I will soon :cool:/, but as an user of IPB's large forums, I can see a small problem/missing feature.

Here it is:

When I am registering in a big forum with a lots of users it is asking me to choose a nick name. My name is Victor and I am usually trying my name. But Victor is a common name, so it is not free in a forum with more than 2000 users.

So there is such a function in some of the free web based email like Yahoo!.

You are typing your choosen nick name and there is a small link after or under the field:
"Check if this nickname is free"

I mean it would be easier for a new registration... On the same screen, without any refresh or clicks.

I want "Victor", so I am typing it and clicking on that link. If it is free - OK.
If not - a small text like:
"This username is already taken. Please, choose another."

I don't think it is so hard to be done. Just one check in the _users table ;)

Have a nice day and I hope you'll think about it.

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Well, as far as I can see there is an interest about it :)

I hope Matt will read it. In fact this is not so important.
It is not so hard to be implemented too /I think/...

But it's really useful. One of those little things which make your browsing easier ;)

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