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in 1.X when cklicken on "today's top 10 poster" there was a line at the bottom: xxx posts made today.

I'm missing his in 2.X.X, would be great to have it again in 2.1.0 (or 2.1.1).


I find the total to be pretty worthless on that page. See no need to have a total of the posts made by the top 10 people. It adds nothing to the Top 10 statistic.

Plus a line in statistics an "average posts per day" would be great as well...


This isn't a bad suggestion. I'd rather see "Number of Posts Today." The problem I see with average is what date is it going to use as its start date? The first post? What happens if you prune the old posts does this change your average?
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what i ment to say is... when clicking on "Top 10 members" at the bottom "Total numbers of posts made on that day."

With the avarage thiing... I think the start date should be the creation date of the board. And it shouldnt get smaller when pruning old posts...

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