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Removal of "Powered by Invision..." in the TITLE

Guest magicRob

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Would it be possible for the next release to remove the text "(Powered by Invision Power Board)" from the TITLE.

The reason is that search engines, eg Google, use the TITLE text.

When i want to find something to do with Invision, i get a truck load of results which have nothing to do with what I'm looking for. Rather I get lots of popular which run IPB. Surely the copyright etc notice at the bottom is enough and it is a far more sensible / responsible thing to do.

I've removed it from my installation. If that means i'm breaching a licence agreement, so be it. It's far more useful for people using search engines rather than having results full of rubbish.

- Rob

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Why....... does your Apple computer take its logo off when you buy it?
Does your Ford Mustang remove it's logo after you buy it?
etc etc

It can be edited and editing it is APPROVED...

The problem here is you just don't know how to edit it yet the answer to your issue is available here at the IPB forums. ( ironic )

I suggest that this is not a big issue and if I owned the company I would take advantage to fly the flag as much as I could with paying or non paying customers.

If a request was made for it to be altered via a help ticket or a forum post, I would gladly oblige. Other than that I wouldn't rush to take such a benign plug for a business out because a few people that understand the value of the title tags.

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I don't have an Apple. On my PC though, the OEM doesn't plaster it's logo on/inside every folder, document, and inner component. It appears one time on the keyboard, cpu, and monitor exterior. Ford doesn't stamp their name in your face on every single item inside and outside of their cars plus on all personal belongings you may place in them.

When purchasing a commercial product, most want to use/own it not be some flashy billboard for the maker. The majority of companies know this so they place their name/logo in such a way so it doesn't turn off current/potential customers yet still gives them free advertising. IPB's copyright at the page bottom serves this purpose. The info also appears in the page's CSS and every file. Having it displayed in the title of every generated page so it's right in users' faces, frankly makes a forum look cheap and tacky. We know it can be manually edited out but would like to see this as the default.

More importantly, at least two paying customers (I co-own a registered forum) would like to see this simple change made. You're just another customer here not an employee. We didn't purchase the product from you. Speaking at least for myself, I don't care how you would like to run this company. It's not yours.

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We speaking as this is a suggestion forum and my suggestion is I vote to leave it the way it is .. Thats just my suggestion ..

If it was my company I would keep it for the fact its free advertisement. IPS does not penalize or even care if you remove it so its not really an issue. Its not really different that the default "Invision Power Board" logo or IPB icons that are installed by default .. Its there but your allowed to change it if you want. Or are you going to try demanding the removal of those items by default next because your a paying customer?? :)

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