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Simple IPB Portal Upgrade...

Guest chefelf

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I would love to see a slightly updated version of IPB Portal:

1.) The ability to select any post from any forum (with a simple checkbox?) to appear on the portal main page.

2.) Assign IPB Portal permissions to a user or group?

This would help me out with my site in so many ways. I could assign privileges to whatever "authors" I wanted to be able to post "articles" effectively on my site's main page.

How hard would this be to implement? It seems simple enough. I've been looking for a solution for this for a long time to expand the usability of IPB Portal.

Thanks! :)

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for #2 you could create a Moderated forum...


Sure, but I'm interested in being able to have certain users have "authorship" privleges, in essence, so they could select articles to "publish" to the main page from anywhere in the forums. This allows the forums to function as normal but also keeps things segregated into their respective sub-forums.

Otherwise you will have one forum for authors and another for regular members. Also, it is hard to do categories with this system. :)

for #1, its easier IMO to just input the topic ID.


What do you mean?
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