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What good is having group colors without a key to know which color represents which group?

Funny, I've been meaning to post the very same question here myself. I have never understood why there is no key (or "legend") explaining what all the different member colours mean. It's pointless to colourise and/or boldface the different member groups if you don't also show which group each colour represents.

Okay, sure... you can click on a member from each group and see what the colour means by viewing their profile. By tediously doing this myself, I have now ascertained that (for this particular board) it goes something like this:

IPS Management IPS Staff IPS Customers Members

What I don't know, however, is whether or not there are other groups/colours as well (since you can only see them when they're actually online).

And who are the administrators and/or moderators? I mean, where does Matt fit in this picture?... I can't remember what colour his name is displayed as (he's not online at the mo'). Now I'm really confused! :o

Nice to see that a key can be added through the mod posted above, but it really should be standard (IMHO).
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Look in "The moderating team" for admin/mod status.

Yeah, I know. Thanks. But we're specifically talking about the use of colours to highlight the different member groups as they are shown at the bottom of the main page. I was just making the point that it's a complete waste of time displaying them like that if you then have to go to another part of the site to learn what they mean. If there was a reference key right underneath the names, it would explain it all straight away. :)
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Although not exactly the same topic as such, a related issue I think should be addressed is identification within topics - why have the colours on the board index "who's online" but not within topics?

For instance if an IPS customer replies then why not present their name in red, and if Matt replies then have his name in purple etc.?

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I have now ascertained that (for this particular board) it goes [i]something [/i]like this:

[u][b]IPS Management[/b][/u] [u][b]IPS Staff[/b][/u] [u]IPS Customers[/u] [u]Members


Aaahh!... I've just stumbled upon the IPS Helpers site for the first time, and I see that they've got a good example of exactly what I was trying to explain above. I assume the IPBH team have used Outlaw's mod to achieve this? Looks good, anyway!
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Your link is actually IPS Helpers, not IPB Helpers.

Ah, yes, so it is. Sorry about that. The URL was correct, but there was obviously a typo in the name of the site (I'm too used to typing "IPB" all the time!). I've now edited in the correct name.

To be honest, though, I didn't even realise there was an IPS Helpers and an IPB Helpers! :o How dreadfully confusing!
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