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Specifc Permission Masks

Guest Sauren

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Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I don't think is has from what I see.

Everyone knows what Permission Masks do, and how you can have secondary masks, etc. Well, could it be possible to have specific users view specific forums, but they remain in one user group?

For example, I have a private forum the administrators can view only. However, we would like to have other people participate in what is in it. Problem is, it's a pain to create a new permission mask for this one person, especially since they're already in another user group that is allowed to view another private forum.

So can an option made in which you can select which forums a particular person can view or not view in addition to whatever their permission mask allows?

If I need to be clearer on this, please let me know and I'll see if I can simplify it even more.

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